Darklock's Adventure with the Bum

If you didn't know already from Henry's spoken word's... Henry and Ian Mackaye (Fugazi) used to work in a pet store when they were geeky teenagers and they knew this bum by the name of Paul. If you know who I'm talking about then I skip the next part...

Paul was a guy who would just spew out chaos... stuff about being a marine and building a runway through the petstore and he needed to go call in the marines to build the runway and stuff ... he was your psycho-bum. I hope you know who I'm talking about...

Anyways, I was downtown yesterday and as usual I had "Talk to me" tattoo'd on my forehead ... everyone and their mother was talking to me and then I ran into this guy. He was about 5'4" tall, greying hair that was below his shoulders, beard that had a pickle in it and he was sitting down. He looked at me as I passed by and said "Hi..." nonchalantly. I stopped and said Hi because I'm one of those unique peoples. ;) After minor introductions he asked me to sit down next to him which I did and he told me who he was;

A 2008 year old alien prophet named Cornelius and that he could tell my future. He told me that I would die a poor man but I'd have two wives and a big pink van in my garage where I held all my Beatles memorabelia. I couldn't help but put 5 bucks in the man's dirty hat on the ground and he and I went for coffee and I kept asking him all this shit... tried to keep myself in his game plan. :) Man... he told me about his spacecraft which needed plutonium and banana's to run because the potassium in the banana would recreate anti-matter warp power along with the plutonium for his engines... and he went on and on.

Man... it rocked. :)

BUT if you don't know who Paul is... you won't really get this at all and I'll have to make you copies of my tapes. :) Which reminds me... do you have Sweatbox and Spoken Word by him? If not, I'll whip you up some copies... mmmm... my buddies getting a CD burner. ;)

... "Oh, it's probably some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos."