The vertical tower thrusts deep in the measureless sky, / erected to show mankind's prowress and power and pride. / The monument's girth stretches greater than caught by the eye / penetrating into the etheral realm of gods defied. / The base is wide - nine hundred cubits chromed / and stays nine hundred towering above. / The monument rips through celestia domed; / its seamless skin shows sweat and blood - not love. / Can something great as this last evermore? / Man's pinnacle entombed in ageless steel - / reaching though to heights not dreamed before. / Forever is yet number most unreal. / Time will see har metal turn to dust / as all mankind's pretenses turn to rust.

-- ansi by eerie-kun, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Samsara #1, July 1996 --