The lamers and losers / Prostrate at my feet / Yet I deign not to note them / For I am 31i73+++. / They compete with each other to gain my attention / Yet to me, their names aren't worth the effort to mention / Alone at the top / I stand high and withdrawn / My lackeys climb up here / to frolic and fawn / It's lonely up here, that's what they say / I relax in the shadows of happier days / I have no true friends / They're a thing of the past / Now I'm stuck with mere puppets / who dance and kiss... / The sickly-sweet worms congregate in my light / Yet my disdainful glare incites them to fright / My former associates / left and long gone / In my virtual chess game / I used them as pawns. / Is the power I got from risking my neck / a viable trade for the loss of respect? / My board is impressive / Affil list is large / I'll lock out all locals / to show who's in charge. / To maintain my image invites my demise / yet even in death will I capture all eyes / Alone and forgotten / Destroyed in defeat / I leave as I lived / for I was 31i73+++. / Author's note: / Raper of children / Molester of boys / this poem goes out to / our good friend, White Noise.
-- ansi by eerie, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Mistigris December 1994 --