Ooze / 'yea, and slimy things did crawl, with legs, upon a slimy sea' / From slime is whence we all were born - / to mud will we return. / It's one fate that we can't escape - / one bridge we cannot burn. / The only thing that keeps us sane / is hope we can ascend. / It promises an end to pain - / but still, it's just pretend. / It gives existance meaning clear / and justifies our laws. / Ironic that this fallacy / directs our every cause. / Be angels, apes, or common clay - / our end you cannot choose. / Our paradise is that of worms - / return to primal ooze.

-- ansi by the artist who belongs to the enigmatic initials tRc, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Ooze E-mag issue number three May 1998 --