Lest we Remember / A war-hardened soldier, a young farmer lad - / he's one and the same. / Trying to hide his doubts, silently mad; / he plays no man's game. / Holding a rifle, he chokes back his bile / and hopes not to use it. / Eat or be eaten, he thinks all the while / and tries not to lose it. / Crouching in ditches, he smells the rank scent / of the battle's grim toll. / Comerade and brother swears not to relent, / his fond face shows no soul. / A gunshot rings out, ripping through the tense silence; / a man meets the ground. / This crude overture starts the music of violence, / a sickening sound. / He's been enraptured to make old wrongs right / at no matter the cost. / It doesn't matter for which side he fights / for he's already lost. / The poppie of peace flashes bright nowadays; / the remember-me-not. / We fought for our truth but we practise their ways; / We forgave and forgot.

-- ansi by mage, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Mistigris January 1996 --