THE GIRL WITH ELECTRIC FINGERS / She's the girl with electric fingers, / Holds your mind through holding hands; / Your brain goes numb through hormone stingers, / Become enslaved, you can't withstand. / The merest touch produces shivers, / The merest glance a surge of joy; / anything she wants, you give her, / You're her little servant boy. / Yeah, she's the girl with electric fingers, / Makes ya want her more than anything else; / Even when she's gone, the chokehold lingers, / Hormones rage and logic quells. / You never knew that you could purr, / But purr you do, and fetch as well, / You'd do anything you could to please her, / In'cred'uous'ly happy in this private Hell. / Yeah, she's the girl with electric fingers, / But I've got my own defense; / She may have electric fingers, / But I'm the guy with electric pants. / And so we go enslave each other, / The two of us ensnared through pleasure; / There are no masters, only lovers, / Slavery becomes our treasure. / This poem goes out to all those who haven't fallen in love yet... you will... / And it will produce an indescribable and uncomparable thrill... / It may be tormenting waiting for that special someone to call, / But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, anything at all.

-- ansi by darkforce, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Integrity April 1995 and here for some quasi-related material--