I suckle from your witch's mark, / grow strong upon your bleeding teat. / I'll swallow more the more I grow - / I'll soon become my own defeat. / The flowing spice - your crimson milk / might halt without a moment's note. / Warm mouthfuls cross my blackened tongue / in hope to sate my ebon throat. / My appetite might not relent - / the more I take, the more you give - / a future's not in my descent. / You kill yourself that I might live.  / Please flush me out before you die - / though you still stand, all's not all right - / or, nourish me 'till nipples dry. / With love, your humble parasite.

-- ansi by dieznyik, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in The Legion #3, June 1998 --