Dreams of Dark, Enchanted Lizards / Slumbering beneath the mount / from which faint smoke wisps creep; / for centuries beyond man's count / the scaled victim sleeps. / He dreams of when the earth was young, / in his ill-fated youth. / The years of which the minstrels sung, / when not so long in tooth. / He wasn't always as you see; / Before, he was a man. / A mortal - just as you or me / With no claws - rather, hands. / He was a justice of the county, / hero of the weak, / Yet neither sword nor shield's bounty / saved him from defeat. / A mage's curse from vanquished foe / - the price for fighting wizards. / So shapechanged thus, he fled to go and / Dream of Dark, Enchanted Lizards.

-- image by smokescreen and grim reaper, logo by mavrik, lit by cthulu.  click here to download the file released in Mistigris January 1996 --