The Lost Boys / This story's about you / Not Peter Pan / And it takes place right here / Not inside Neverland ... / Come, take my arm, I'll protect you from harm. / As I whisk you away to a land without day. / In the land of the twilight, we'll play in the starlight. / As our games grow more bolder we'll never grow older. / Ignoring our fears, we'll never shed tears. / Yet the lack of this sadness will drive us to madness. / Being eternally happily glad / Is a sure-fire way to drive ANYONE mad /  Open wide and swallow this, / It's far sweeter than a kiss. /  Oh blessed crimson nectar divine, / When I finish seducing, your blood will be mine. /  With a snap! and a crack!, your head becomes loose, / And I quench on my thirst with your vital red juice. / Your body falls lifeless, into the mud, / And I stalk right away, engorged with your blood. / You keep me warm throughout the night. / But come the day, I must flee the light. / Eternally hungering, never satisfied, / Is the prolongment an improvement than simply to have died? / Our smoothness of skin, the pallid complexion, / Reveals our ends in unliving perfection. / Next time you wish for happiness, / And you hear a sudden noise, / Accept what you have with all your heart, / Lest you join the Lost Boys.

-- ansi by mavrik, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Mistigris January 1995 --
(I'd advise it - mavrik always hid amusing black-on-black contents in his ansis which you just can't scope from the gif conversion...)