A touching devotion... / Familiar, my casual disgust / concealed, I mouth the words she doesn't say / but thinks.  Her words I've learned to never trust. / I penetrate inside her scull-case like a ray. / I see her thoughts, like Tinkertoys(tm) arranged - / Bright, beautiful and simple (so I find.) / It's most unsound but still it's never changed; / the law condemned the building of her mind. / It sickens me, I oft declare, but still / this knowledge is a power over her. / My prescience provides a real thrill. / In an inconstant life it's one thing sure; / as loyalty I know in life is rare. / Were I to leave, I might not find it there.

-- image by prison breaker, lit by cthulu.  click here to download the file from the Mistigris / Dark Tour pack May 1997 --