Blender Kombat entry: Mist vs. Dark - Legos / Murdering / Washington -  story by skrubly and cthulu illustrations by quip and haquisaq - It was summer, and it was the time that little boys like Billy enjoyed most.  He had just turned six, and summertime, like for all boys that age, was nearly intoxicating with its sense of unlimited opportunity. Flying kites all day, climbing trees, and getting into the sorts of trouble that everyone did at that age.  Today, however, was serious; he'd invited his best friend Joey over to play.  More importantly, Joey was bringing his entire Lego collection (which included the prized multi-swivel piece that he'd had to eat six boxes of Froot Loops for just to get enough box tops so he could send away for it), and they were going to have a contest.  A contest so large that it would take almost a whole two hours: Who could build the biggest robot. Wisely, they chose not to hold the contest in the

-- ansi by haquisaq and quip, lit by cthulu and skrubly.  click here for the original ansi --