The Tower, it rises, foreboding and stark, / Its shadow apparent, though oft it is dark. / It's angles are crooked, obtuse and obscene; / From angle to angle the precipice leans. / Its gargoyles leering, its straightness insane; / Even merely observing it causes one pain. / Its mortar's engraved with a chaotic seal; / The fractal-like bricks come alive with a squeal. / With a great rending noise, the whole structure revolves, / And transforms and expands and rotates and evolves. / With a shuddering sigh all the movement is ceased; / And the newly-formed tower awaits, like some beast. / For despite all its ugliness, it bears such power / to justly bear label as The Twisted Tower.

-- ansi by spirit of illusion, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in iCE May 1995 --