The Pelvis of Elvis / The man marches on with his simple guitar / Almost nothing betraying the fact he's a star. /  He walks up to the stand holding small microphone / and out from his lips come his sweet singing tones. / With a few careful chords the crowd's out of control / and hysterical over the new rock 'n roll. /  Though he's high on perscription drugs, doped up and boozed, / he still sings a tune for his blue leather shoes. / While he's singing, his hips, they begin to gyrate, / and soon his whole body, in dancing, vibrates. / The crowd's going crazy for antics on stage; / This life is his downfall, but he earns his wage. / The tunes are completed, so silent the crowd / stands in awe of the man, while utterly wowed. / A final memorial he starts to sing, / and in silent concensus, he must be the King. / A dance, in slow motion, he wiggles his pelvis, / a final performance for overdosed Elvis.

-- ansi by ts, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi from Get Ready to Read.  Elvis released alone in the ts solo pack. --