A mass hallucination bore us there / as one, all helpless in our natal sleep / A land with no set form - but far from bare,it always changed inside our slumber deep. / The landscape of this unsteady terrain / we soon and accidentally would find / was subject to the fancies of our brain. / We moved the earth with nothing but our mind! / And some of us would fashion sky-borne towers, / splitting off into some countless spires / Others invoked fields full of flowers. / Some of us called great unearthly fires. / And when we each of us had changed the world / we slow and soft awakened from our dream. / But still we kept a talent now unfurled - / the knowledge that we'd shared it with a team.

-- image by mainline, catbones, vengeance, tabaqui, tomppa (and more?), lit by cthulu.  click here to download the file from the ACiD #60 August 1997 "Team"-themed pack --