Along the spreading fog banks / down beside the river Thames / stands a model of precision / no one questions or condemns. / Amid the gargoyles' grimaces / its face shines in the night; / precise reliability / among a pit of spite. / Undaunted by reality; / not marred by trivial need. / Relentless in its purpose - / never sows a barren seed. / A beacon of eternity, / stalwart against the dark / in accuracy paragon - / it's always on the mark. / The cycles of the city / match this undisputed rhythm. / Its movements push the hands' extremes / but never come to schism. / It counts a beat unstoppable; / its cant can't be undone. / The tattoo is the pulse of life, / from the heart of Clockwork London.

-- ansi by kitiara, quip and stone the crow, lit by cthulu and lady blue.  click here for the original ansi released in iCE July 1997 --