walking to banny's late one sunday evening / I passed / three (3) homeless men / in 3 (three) consecutive doorways / and / one (1) dead one / (alright, maybe he wasn't all dead / I didn't stick around long enough to find out.) / --- laid out flat along the sidewalk, with something shiny (blood?) on his face.  there were people close behind me and approaching me and I figured that someone less fatalist than I would be of more help in this situation.--- / either way / either statistic / was out of the range I was expecting. / hmm. / let's do the math / 3 (homeless / +1 (dead) / = / fucking yuppies! / fortunately I had already cried that night.

-- Walking to Benny's Late One Sunday Evening, writing by Cthulu and RIPscript by Lady Blue, unreleased. Click here for the original file. --