walking down the putple streets of solitude / nowhere? - no destination, drive or attitude... / if your life is grey beware (!) / unreal girls with rainbow hair / who represent in its diversity / the hues of life you never seem to see; / who seem nigh complementary in fashion / reflecting your unfeelingness with passion /  Perfect creature / an iMPeRFeCT here / you do not belong (that much is clear) / no proclamations of (emit from frozen lips) / of love / and still you guide my hands / towards your hips / one never understands / your world is more complex than mine - / emotions let you eat life to the marrow / in monochrome I walk my one-way street / the purple path / unhappy, straight and narrow. / one broken, one fixing. / I cannot bring you joy: it's not allowed / in life, as in nature, mingling - never mixing: / you the rainbow/ I the cloud.

-- ansi by kyp, avenger, scope and deviate, lit by cthulu.  click here for the original ansi released in Get Ready to Read --