The Colour Saga / A land of formless colours, shapes, / The light contained, no beams escape. / Where all is dark, the shadows reign, / No glints emit here, Night's domain. / The lights combine, the bandwidths twirl, / A mighty rainbow doth unfurl. / Darkness spreading, Night encroaching, / Everlasting dusk approaching. / Strips and stripes of colours fly / Bright and bold across the sky. / Dust is blowing, mud is flowing, / Everywhere the Darkness growing. / Across the sky, across the moon, / The beams fly past the desert dune. / The cloud of midnight drifting nigh / Its morbid shadow cast from high. / And with a bang! a noisy din / The war betwixt the two begins. / The cobby webs of shady night / Resist, in vain, the colours bright. / The forceful beams, so strong, so sure, / Enshrouded by the misty blur. / Both sides collide, collapse, retreat, / While neither force admits defeat. / Until the rainbow splits asunder, / Light erupts, amidst much thunder. / The Darkness, witness to this sight, / Absorbs the colour, growing bright. / The Darkness light, the rainbow gone, / There are no victors come the dawn. / And so all colours, dark and bright, / Contain amounts of black and white. / So come that dawn, that break of day, / Naught remained save shades of grey. / And since that day, and evermore, / The colours ceased their futile war. / So needs dictate the rainbows proud / Must take their forms from dismal cloud. / Thus, differences, estrangements seemed, / Are all the same, just to extremes.

-- image by prisonernumberone, lit by cthulu.  click here to download the file --