"Corroded" Music Disk
Hi, and welcome to my first music disk in six years. It's taken me quite a while to create the tunes that comprise this music disk and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did making them. Once again, work and school were big factors in the delay of these tracks, but I'm out of school now, so that won't be a problem any longer. With only two measly releases in 1999, I hope to make the year 2000 much more productive! Look for more tunes soon!
The Tunes
Nine tunes make up the "Corroded" music disk. They have been numbered in a particular order for your listening pleasure. Please try to listen to them in order. The tracks are:

1. Shock
2. Time
3. Nightmare
4. Spaces
5. Dream Realm
6. Oepic
7. Zanziber
8. Daymare
9. Corroded

They were all created in Impulse Tracker 2.14, but they may be listened to in ModPlug Player (which I highly recommend!).

2000 - Justin Harrelson (King Arthur) / ICQ: 1251109 / E-Mail: justin@vivid.net
Visit my website: http://csoft.net/~karthur
[released may.19.2000]