this.  is the mistigris art gallery.
view the whole pack with your browser! yes, even ansi and ascii.
[ wouldn't hit the scene yet for quite a while...]

system requirements:
-  netscape [1998, amirite?] (or internet explorer if you're a weenie)
[well, some things never change]
[seriously, though, 2015: deprecated HTML appears to "work" in:
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and, yes, IE.]

-  the modplug plugin (for the music) [no longer a viable option]
-  more than 16 colours
[actually, imagemap aside, this must be quite Lynx-friendly.
Only 2 colours there, though.]

click on the buttons on the right (or the links below)
to view the different "disks" of the latest lost pack (september 1998).

lowrez = low resolution art: ansi, ascii, and lit
hirez = high resolution art: ripscrip and vga
music =  pleasing to the ear
extra = miscellaneous

all that plus an infofile and a distro site / memberlist! yow!

Web team credits:

  • Content: Cthulu
  • Webdesign: Weird. Silent Knight. Praxus. 

    Thanks go out to tempo for the use of his buttons.
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