So I Will Leave You, For The First Time And The Last Time...

Coyote said goodbye to all of us for the first time on November 7. Please view this as 'what happens if you piss him off enough' and as an historical document. He is still very much involved with Concrete as one of the M3. Let all who read this learn about the dangers of dithering and inactivity, which Cthulu and F00l were guilty of. Thank Gott he is still around with his typically Prussian excitability...
date: 8:54 pm Tue Nov 7, 1995 number : 101 of 111 from: Coyote base : -local- concrete.private to : All refer #: None subj: The Future of Concrete... replies: 1 stat: Normal origin : Local

... is quite possibly that there is none.

the clarity of revelations, truths, and realities has hit me with full force in the last six days, and to be honest i'm struck nearly dumb by the extremity of some of these things.

problem: tabnet is a waste of my time. other tabbers may get some sort of pleasure or satisfaction (or have deceived themselves into believing so) out of tab; not only am i disgusted by the rank endless dissension and the repetitive and infinite discussions that go nowhere, but the false image ("we are accepting of everyone and everything!" seems to be a rallying cry; to my ears it's nothing but a sneer of propaganda in my direction.) has fully disillusioned me towards even the entire CONCEPT of tab. am i self-centered? of course i am. but at least i accept it, and don't try to hide behind my little created universe where the rules are elastic. ultimately, tab is something i've partly grown out of and partly been wounded with.

solution: no more tabbing for me.

you see? hard reality stomps through lazy pretentiousness. speaking of hard, let's get to the point:

problem: concrete is, hard as it may be to accept, going absolutely nowhere. every meet, concepts get more and more rediculous. every concept created is another mile we have to go before we get even the first issue released. is this what i wanted? when i started the underground compendium so long ago, was this my ultimate goal? well, of course not. what i have wanted from the start was a showcase for talent, a gallery of both literary and visual art. is that what concrete is now? only in the furthest stretch of imagination. if you'll excuse my humble opinions, concrete is now an opportunity for cthulu and f00l to show off. close, but not quite what i wanted. their wit is appreciated, but very counter productive. the meets at benny's are pointless and hard to get to, the discussions are frequently amusing but usually i end up taking the back seat to f00l and cthulu's banter, and the entire focus of concrete has been lost to their bizarre conceptuals. i'm tired of fighting both for production and attention. thus...

solution: cthulu, concrete is now yours. i am leaving to start from scratch, and do what i want. have fun... but be warned. nitty has quit concrete altogether, and whether or not he wants to participate in my new zine is undetermined; doctor strange will certainly be coding for me. silphid, eoanya and spectral knight are also dropping concrete. i expect meija will lose interest quickly, and i'm not sure of livewire's opinion thus far. however, you still have f00l and yourself. good luck... i do hope to see a concrete issue out one day... but i won't be counting on it.

goodbye, concrete.

And f00l had to send the famous 'Concrete Reformation' documents to get him back. The Dark Days of Concrete... Generally something we'd like to forget all about. Learn from it, learn from idleness and despair.
-The Laughing Fool