Concrete Related Stuff

~That is, stuff related to Concrete, its meets, its boards, and the Way Things Are Done

This section has Concrete specific items to deal with, that is, items that are specific to concrete(sic.) Policy (or lack thereof) and items of historical interest are archived here. This area is of particular interest to people who wish to become members of Concrete, or wish to carry ConcreteNet on their boards. It is also of interest to people wondering what exactly Concrete is looking for in the area of submissions.

Policies, Manifestos, and Documentation

This stuff is useful to people who need more information on Concrete as an organization, as a network, and as a publication media.
  1. The Concrete Manifesto, on the Concrete Reformation. Our Magna Ixta.
  2. The ConcreteNet Rockumentation with much humour, and advice for maidens (make that prospective sysops) on becoming ConcreteNet nodes.
  3. The December (now defunct) Concrete Original Membership List
  4. The Project RHESUS FAQ.
  5. The Concrete Home Companion's Home Subversion Kit to spread around your community.
  6. Download numbers 1-5 of this list as a Zipped file ( for your later viewing enjoyment.

Historic Documentation and Message Extracts

This is mostly the exciting coallescence of Concrete in the beginning. Helps explain why/where we are today.
  1. The historic, and now defunct (he loves us again) Coyote Resignation Letter
  2. The historic First Meet Notes, and inspiration that is infectious (so wash your hands.)
  3. The historic October meets and notes from them.
-The Laughing Fool