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"The Slab of Truth"

Totally Butchered last by The Fool (9:30am - 10:30pm, Sunday the 2th of March 1996)

Concrete Article Sub-Conceptual Organizers


Words without bounds...


Words bound in paragraphs...


Words bound in lists...


Words that are outbound...

Concrete Related

 Words about getting bound (involved) with us, and our history... 

What does it all mean?

Available are the various pre-released Concrete articles for your perusal and artistic satisfaction. Currently, these files are accessible with any web browser, on and offline.  Concrete's official releases will probably be in the form of .ZIP files that can be unarchived and viewed from sites with Web servers, and individuals with web browsers at home.

The Antitrend that's Sweeping the Underworld!

If you are interested in working for/under/in the general vicinity of Concrete, please read some documentation on how we do stuff.  It's no biggie, but it describes how to get your work (be it art, prose, or some form of obscure performace art) into our hands and on our good sides.

HTML means Brighter Futures!

If you were to hypothetically write a piece or create some sort of visual distraction for submission to Concrete, there are certain very wise steps you would be advised to take.  Hypothetically.

Locate a friendly neighborhood HTMLizer (NaviPress or HotDog, for example) and turn that dull, drab piece of commonplace art into a splashy, happy HTML file before uploading to us.  It saves us time, not to mention about thirty-four bottles of J0LT.

Alternatively, send text files in a raw text format, and pictures in .GIF, .JPG, .TGA, PCX, etc etc etc or even windoze .BMP format.

Faces in the Crowd:

Concrete is a result of a collective mind unit.  It's sort of like the Borg, except they've got a neat cubist spaceship and we don't.  Damnation.

Concrete can be blamed on the following people:

The Fool



Doctor Strange



As more people get involved, the list will get longer and longer.  Sort of like the Watergate scandal, only they had a spiffy four-star hotel and we don't.  Damnation.

"Wait'll they get a load of me..."

                                                                -The Joker
Well, that's about it for this installment of "Concrete: Cooking with Nukes", we hope you've enjoyed the program.  Remember, kids: all nuclear warheads must be checked out from your local government missile stockhouse, or else it compromises U.N. Atomic Regulations.

Oftentimes, members of Concrete can be located at one of either Benny's Bagels (preferably the one in the West End of Vancouver).  We'll be the twitching, strange ones wearing the beanies and singing "Feliz Navidad" under our breaths incessantly.

May Megatron be with you.