The Doctor Strange Theme Song


Well, hello there, Doctor Strange

And what would be the cost to change

An arm, a leg, a random limb

Into something not so verbatim?

A free trial is quite in order

To show my prowess of disorder

Give me your hand and we shall see

Just where my talents lie, you'll be

Completely safe, I can assure you

No harm will come to you unless you...

Oh no! Oh well... Another cadaver

To add to my pile of hopeless exemplars

Too bad he had to go and brush

That button labelled "Never Touch"

A finger here, a hooked claw there

Beak of steel and graft grizzly bear hair

A coyote's snout and furred mane of lion

And conclude with the body of pois'nous scorpion

Now what to my wondering eyes should arise

But the ultimate devisor of irritations' demise

A monstrous mutation of obscene proportions

He'll gorge any skeptic in three equal portions

AUTHOR: Coyote