Phear of Phobias!

A short list of phobias:

  1. ACAROPHOBIA: fear of skin infestation by mites and ticks
  2. ACEROPHOBIA: fear of sourness
  3. ACHLUOPHOBIA: fear of darkness
  4. ACOUSTICOPHOBIA: fear of noise
  5. ACROPHOBIA: fear of heights
  6. AEROPHOBIA: fear of flying; fear of drafts or fresh air
  7. AGORAPHOBIA: fear of being in crowded places; fear of open spaces
  8. AICHOMOPHOBIA: fear of pointed objects
  9. AILUROPHOBIA: fear of cats
  10. ALBUMINOPHOBIA: fear of albumin in one's urine as a sign of kidney disease.
  11. ALCOHOLOMANIA: an obsession with alcohol
  12. ALEKTROPHOBIA: fear of chickens
  13. ALGOPHOBIA: fear of pain
  14. AMATHOPHOBIA: fear of dust
  15. AMAXOPHOBIA: fear of riding in vehicles
  16. AMENOMANIA: abnormal love of pleasing delusions
  17. AMYCHOPHOBIA: fear of being scratched
  18. ANDROPHOBIA: fear of men, hatred of men
  19. ANEMOPHOBIA: fear of drafts or winds
  20. ANGINAPHOBIA: fear of narrowness
  21. ANGINOPHOBIA: fear of sore throats
  22. ANGLOPHOBIA: fear or hatred of England
  23. ANTHOPHOBIA: fear of flowers
  24. ANTHROPHOBIA: fear of people
  25. ANTLOPHOBIA: fear of floods
  26. ANUPTAPHOBIA: fear of remaining single
  27. APEIROPHOBIA: fear of infinity
  28. APEPHOBIA: fear of touching or being touched
  29. APHRODISIOMANIA: abnormal love of sexual pleasure
  30. APIPHOBIA: fear of bees
  31. ARACHYBUTYROPHOBIA: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.
  32. ARACHNOPHOBIA: fear of spiders
  33. ASTHENOPHOBIA: fear of weakness
  34. ASTRAPHOBIA: fear of being struck by lightning
  35. ASTROPHOBIA: fear of the stars
  36. ATAXIOPHOBIA: fear of disorder
  37. ATELOPHOBIA: fear of imperfection
  38. ATEPHOBIA: fear of ruin
  39. AULOPHOBIA: fear of flutes
  40. AUROPHOBIA: fear or dislike of gold
  41. AURORAPHOBIA: fear of auroral lights
  42. AUTOMYSOPHOBIA: fear of dirtying oneself
  43. AUTOPHOBIA: fear of being by oneself
  44. BACILLOPHOBIA: fear of germs
  45. BALLISTOPHOBIA: fear of missiles
  46. BAROPHOBIA: fear of gravity
  47. BASIPHOBIA: fear of walking
  48. BATHOPHOBIA: fear of depth
  49. BATRACHOPHOBIA: fear of frogs and toads
  50. BELONEPHOBIA: fear of pins and needles
  51. BIBLIOPHOBIA: fear of books
  52. BLENNOPHOBIA: fear of slime
  53. BOGYPHOBIA: fear of demons and goblins
  54. BOTANOPHOBIA: fear of plants
  55. BROMIDROSIPHOBIA: fear of having an unpleasant body odor.
  56. BRONTOPHOBIA: fear of thunder
  57. CAINOPHOBIA: fear of novelty
  58. CANCEROPHOBIA: fear of cancer
  59. CARDIOPHOBIA: fear of heart disease
  60. CARNOPHOBIA: fear of meat
  61. CATHISOPHOBIA: fear of sitting down
  62. CATOPTROPHOBIA: fear of mirrors
  63. CELTOPHOBIA: fear or dislike of Celts
  64. CENOPHOBIA: fear of open spaces
  65. CHAETOPHOBIA: fear of hair
  66. CHEROMANIA: abnormal love of gaiety
  67. CHEROPHOBIA: fear of gaiety
  68. CHIONOPHOBIA: fear of snow
  69. CHOLEROPHOBIA: fear of cholera
  70. CHOREOMANIA: abnormal love of dancing
  71. CHREMATOPHOBIA: fear of money or wealth
  72. CHROMOPHOBIA: fear of colours
  73. CHRONOPHOBIA: an abnormal discomfort concerning time.
  74. CIBOPHOBIA: fear of food
  75. CLAUSTROPHOBIA: fear of being in closed or narrow places
  76. CLEPTOPHOBIA: fear of stealing
  77. CLIMACOPHOBIA: fear of falling down the stairs
  78. CLINOPHOBIA: fear of going to bed
  79. CNIDOPHOBIA: fear of stings
  80. COITOPHOBIA: fear of sexual intercourse
  81. COMETOPHOBIA: fear of comets
  82. COPROLAMANIA: abnormal love of foul speech
  83. COPROPHOBIA: fear of excrement
  84. COUNTERPHOBIC: seeking out that which is feared
  85. CREMNOPHOBIA: fear of cliffs and precipices
  86. CREMOPHOBIA: fear of being alone
  87. CRYOPHOBIA: fear of ice
  88. CRYSTALLOPHOBIA: fear of glass
  89. CYMOPHOBIA: fear of sea swells
  90. CYNOPHOBIA: fear of dogs
  91. CYPRIDOPHOBIA: fear of venereal disease
  92. DEIPNOPHOBIA: fear of dining and dinner conversation
  93. DEMONOPHOBIA: fear of spirits
  94. DEMOPHOBIA: fear or dislike of crowds
  95. DENDROPHOBIA: fear of trees
  96. DERMATOPHOBIA: fear of skin
  97. DERMATOSIPHOBIA: fear of skin disease
  98. DIABETOPHOBIA: fear of diabetes
  99. DIDASKALEINOPHOBIA: fear of school
  100. DIKEPHOBIA: fear of justice
  101. DINOPHOBIA: fear of whirlpools
  102. DIPLOPIAPHOBIA: fear of double vision
  103. DIPSOPHOBIA: fear of drinking
  104. DOMATOPHOBIA: fear of home
  105. DORAMANIA: the compulsion to own furs
  106. DORAPHOBIA: fear of furs
  107. DROMOMANIA: compulsive longing to travel
  108. DROMOPHOBIA: fear of crossing the street
  109. DRONGOPHOBIA: fear of beatle
  110. DYSMORPHOPHOBIA: fear of deformities
  111. ECCLESIAPHOBIA: fear of churches
  112. EDEOMANIA: obsesion with the genitals
  113. EISOPTROPHOBIA: fear of termites
  114. ELECTROPHOBIA: fear of electricity
  115. ELEUTHEROMANIA: a compelling desire for freedom
  116. ELEUTHEROPHOBIA: fear of freedom
  117. EMACITY: an itch to be buying
  118. EMETOPHOBIA: fear of vomiting
  119. ENTOMOPHOBIA: fear of insects
  120. EOSOPHOBIA: fear of the dawn
  121. EPICARICACY: taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others
  122. EREUTHOPHOBIA: fear of blushing
  123. ERGASIOPHOBIA: fear of work
  124. EROTICOMANIA: abnormal interest in erotica
  125. EROTOPHOBIA: fear of sexual feelings and the physical expression of them
  126. ERYTHROPHOBIA: fear of the colour red
  127. EUPHOBIA: fear of good news
  128. EUROTOPHOBIA: fear of female genitals
  129. FEBRIPHOBIA: fear of fever
  130. FRANCOPHOBIA: hatred of France
  131. FRIGOPHOBIA: fear of cold
  132. GAMOMANIA: excessive longing to be married
  133. GAMOPHOBIA: fear of marriage
  134. GENIOPHOBIA: fear of chins
  135. GENUPHOBIA: fear of knees
  136. GEPHYROPHOBIA: fear of crossing bridges
  137. GERMANOPHOBIA: fear of Germany
  138. GEUMOPHOBIA: fear of flavour
  139. GLOSSOPHOBIA: fear of speaking in public
  140. GRAPHOPHOBIA: fear of writing
  141. GRINGOPHOBIA: fear of white strangers
  142. GYMNOPHOBIA: fear of nudity
  143. GYNECOMANIA: abnormal sexual desire for women
  144. GYNEPHOBIA: fear or hatred of women
  145. HAGIOPHOBIA: fear of saints
  146. HAMARTOPHOBIA: fear of sin
  147. HARPAXOPHOBIA: fear of robbers
  148. HEDONOPHOBIA: fear of pleasure
  149. HELIOPHOBIA: fear of sunlight
  150. HELMINTHOPHOBIA: fear of becoming infested with worms
  151. HEMATOPHOBIA: fear of blood
  152. HERPETOPHOBIA: fear of reptiles and amphibians
  153. HIEROMANIA: abnormal interest in priests
  154. HIEROPHOBIA: fear of sacred relics
  155. HIPPOPHOBIA: fear of horses
  156. HODOPHOBIA: fear of travel
  157. HOMICHLOPHOBIA: fear of fog
  158. HOMILOPHOBIA: fear of sermons
  159. HORMEPHOBIA: fear of shock
  160. HYDROPHOBIA: fear of water or rabies
  161. HYLEPHOBIA: an intense dislike of wood
  162. HYPENGYOPHOBIA: fear of responsibility
  163. HYPNOPHOBIA: fear of sleep
  164. HYPSIPHOBIA: fear of high places
  165. IATROPHOBIA: fear of going to the doctor
  166. ICTHYOPHOBIA: fear of fish
  167. IDEOPHOBIA: fear of ideas
  168. IOPHOBIA: fear of poison
  169. JUDOPHOBIA: fear or hatred of Jews
  170. KAKORRHAPHIOPHOBIA: fear of failure or defeat
  171. KATAGELOPHOBIA: fear of ridicule
  172. KENOPHOBIA: fear of empty rooms
  173. KINESOPHOBIA: fear of motion
  174. KOPOPHOBIA: fear of mental or physical examination
  175. LALOMANIA: abnormal love of speech or talking
  176. LALIOPHOBIA: fear of speaking
  177. LEPROPHOBIA: fear of leprosy
  178. LEVOPHOBIA: fear of objects on the left side of the body
  179. LIMNOPHOBIA: fear of lakes
  180. LINONOPHOBIA: fear of string
  181. LOGOPHOBIA: fear of words
  182. LYSSOPHOBIA: fear of going insane
  183. MACROMANIA: abnormal desire to become larger
  184. MAIEUSIOPHOBIA: fear of pregnancy
  185. MASTIGOPHOBIA: fear of flogging
  186. MECHANOPHOBIA: fear of machinery
  187. MENTULOMANIA: obsession with the penis
  188. MERINTHOPHOBIA: fear of being bound and gagged
  189. METALLOPHOBIA: fear of metals
  190. METEOROPHOBIA: fear of meteors and meteorites
  191. MICROMANIA: an abnormal desire to become smaller
  192. MICROPHOBIA: fear of germs
  193. MISOCAINEA: fear of new things
  194. MISOPHOBIA: fear of dirt
  195. MOLYSOMOPHOBIA: fear of infection
  196. MOTORPHOBIA: fear or dislike of motor vehicles
  197. MUSICOPHOBIA: An intense dislike of music
  198. MUSOPHOBIA: fear of mice
  199. NEBULOPHOBIA: fear of clouds
  200. NECROPHOBIA: fear of corpses
  201. NEGROPHOBIA: fear or dislike of Negroes
  202. NOMATOPHOBIA: fear of names
  203. NUCLEOMITAPHOBIA: fear of death by nuclear weapons
  204. NUDOMANIA: an abnormal love of nudity
  205. NUDOPHOBIA: fear of nakedness
  206. NYMPHOMANIA: in women, an excessive desire for sexual intercourse
  207. OCHLOPHOBIA: fear of crowds
  208. ODONTOPHOBIA: fear of teeth
  209. OENOPHOBIA: fear of wine
  210. OIKOPHOBIA: fear of home surroundings
  211. OLFACTOPHOBIA: fear of smells
  212. OMBROPHOBIA: fear of rain
  213. OMMATOPHOBIA: fear of eyes
  214. ONEIROPHOBIA: fear of dreams
  215. ONOMATOPHOBIA: fear of hearing a specific name, word, or phrase
  216. OPHIDIOPHOBIA: fear of snakes
  217. OPTOPHOBIA: fear of opening one's eyes
  218. ORCHIDOMANIA: an obsession with testicles
  219. ORNITHOPHOBIA: fear of birds
  220. OURANOPHOBIA: fear of heaven
  221. PAEDOPHOBIA: fear of children or dolls
  222. PANOPHOBIA: fear of everything
  223. PAPAPHOBIA: fear of the Pope or the papacy
  224. PARALIPOPHOBIA: fear of neglecting one's duty
  225. PARAPHOBIA: fear of sexual perversions
  226. PAROUSIAMANIA: an abnormal anticipation of the second coming of Christ
  227. PARTHENOPHOBIA: fear of virgins
  228. PATROIOPHOBIA: fear of heredity
  229. PEDICULOPHOBIA: fear of lice
  230. PELLAGRAPHOBIA: fear of pellagra
  231. PENIAPHOBIA: fear of poverty
  232. PHAGOPHOBIA: fear of eating or swallowing
  233. PHANEROMANIA: an abnormal pleasure in picking at growths
  234. PHARMACOPHOBIA: fear of drugs
  235. PHASMOPHOBIA: fear of ghosts
  236. PHILOSOPHOBIA: fear of philosophy or philosophers
  237. PHOBOPHOBIA: fear of fear
  238. PHONOPHOBIA: fear of noise
  239. PHOTANGIOPHOBIA: fear of eye pain caused by light
  240. PHRONEMOMANIA: an abnormal love of thinking
  241. PLACOPHOBIA: fear of tombstones
  242. PNIGEROPHOBIA: fear of smothering
  243. PNIGOPHOBIA: fear of choking
  244. POGONOPHOBIA: fear of beards
  245. POLITICOPHOBIA: fear of politics or politicians
  246. PONOPHOBIA: fear of fatigue
  247. PORPHYROPHOBIA: fear of the colour purple
  248. POTAMOPHOBIA: fear of rivers or running water
  249. POTOPHOBIA: fear of drinking
  250. PROCTOPHOBIA: mental apprehension in patients with rectal disease
  251. PROTEINPHOBIA: an intense dislike of protein foods
  252. PSYCHOPHOBIA: fear of the mind
  253. PSYCHROPHOBIA: fear of cold temperatures
  254. PTERONONPHOBIA: fear of feathers
  255. PYROMANIA: an irresistable urge to start fires
  256. RHABDOPHOBIA: fear of being beaten
  257. RHYPOPHOBIA: fear of filth
  258. SATANOPHOBIA: fear of Satan
  259. SATYROMANIA: in men, an abnormal desire for frequent sexual intercourse
  260. SCABIOPHOBIA: fear of scabies
  261. SCATOPHOBIA: fear of excrement; fear of swearing
  262. SCIAPHOBIA: fear of shadows
  263. SCOLECIPHOBIA: fear of worms
  264. SELAPHOBIA: fear of flashes
  265. SELENOPHOBIA: fear of the moon
  266. SIDERODROMOPHOBIA: fear of trains
  267. SINOPHOBIA: fear of China
  268. SOPHOMANIA: excessive love of one's own wisdom
  269. SPHEKSOPHOBIA: fear of wasps
  270. STASIBASIPHOBIA: fear of attempting to stand or walk
  271. STENOPHOBIA: fear of narrow spaces
  272. SYPHILIPHOBIA: fear of syphillis
  273. TABOPHOBIA: fear of a wasting sickness
  274. TAPHEPHOBIA: fear of being buried alive; fear of graves
  275. TAPINOPHOBIA: fear of small things
  276. TARANTISM: an uncontrollable urge to dance
  277. TELOPHOBIA: an intense dislike for teleology
  278. TELEPHONOPHOBIA: fear of telephones
  279. TERATOPHOBIA: fear of monsters or giving birth to a monster
  280. THAASOPHOBIA: fear of boredom
  281. THALASSOPHOBIA: fear of the sea
  282. THANTOPHOBIA: fear of death
  283. THEATROPHOBIA: fear of theatres
  284. THEOMANIA: belief that one is God
  285. THEOPHOBIA: fear of God
  286. THERMOPHOBIA: fear of heat
  287. TIMBROMANIA: an obsession with postage stamps
  288. TOCOPHOBIA: fear of childbirth
  289. TOMOPHOBIA: fear of surgical operations
  290. TRAUMATOPHOBIA: fear of war
  291. TREMOPHOBIA: fear of trembling
  292. TRICHORRHEXOMMANIA: a compulsion to pinch off one's hair
  293. TRICHOTILLOMANIA: a compusion to pull out one's hair
  294. TRYPANOPHOBIA: fear of injection
  295. VENEROPHOBIA: fear of venereal disease
  296. XENOPHOBIA: fear of strangers or foreigners
  297. XYLOPHOBIA: fear of the forest
  298. ZELOPHOBIA: fear of jealousy
  299. ZOOPHOBIA: fear of animals
  300. ZOOROPAPHOBIA: fear of U2

every word is true!

AUTHOR: Zinnia Rock