The Concrete FAQ:

Some useful information:

  1. C> Umm... umm... umm... Okay, what came first, the chicken or the McNugget? Okay... Ummm... How DO they get that tick creamy caramel into each square of a Caramilk bar?
  2. What's God's first (last) name?
  3. Where were you on the afternoon of November 23rd, 1963?
  4. How much wood did the woodchuck chuck that one night he got stuck in the pulp mill?
  5. Where did those little elves that fixed the cobbler's shoes come from anyways?
  6. Are you bald or balding?
  7. Do you have a criminal record because of that fateful evening in Newark with the Cincinattio brothers?
  8. Do you have halitosis?
  9. How did the cat get so fat?