Through a tumbling mist

I reach the enigmatic conclusion

A title, a name

A position or rank

Nothing is given to me

I want kudos and fame

And lots and lots of friends

And mostly, I want everyone to know

That I've reached Insanicon

The ultimate mental acheivement

Nothing comes close, so we ignore the others

I think therefore I think

But thinking will be man's downfall

Spare yourself and stop pondering your existance

Realize that Chicago is burning

Los Angeles is the land of the dead

And New York is becoming another planet

America is lost, has been for so long

It's too late now, no turning around

The world is a stupid place

Come one come all

To the Insanicon

A place where your satisfactions are replaced

by those of Digital Master

And your will is no longer your own

Your mind is just another rusted, rotting pawn in the long struggle

And you'll give in... you WILL give in

Because you really, really want to

A computer is no longer that

You computer is your friend, your buddy

Your slayer

You're in for it now, compadre

Because you've entered the Insanicon

A horde of lifeless electrons

Spinning and twirling through a thin wire

Is not all that it seems

Say goodbye to your brain

Your eyes and tongue

And submit to the total control of Digital Master

Because Everyone is doing it

And because it's a lot of fun

AUTHOR: Coyote