By the Laughing Fool


Sleep warmly,

 And forget the shadows Jacob.

My hand daren't move

 From yours on the quilt-top,

 For you were awake and afraid a minute ago.

In the last embers,

 Your sleeping face was peaceful

 As your youth makes it.

 You were dreaming in the black though.

You are too young for that Jacob.

 Too young to live awake in it.

Dark, gone the glow,

 I cannot see you.

 But your hand is in mine Jacob.

Through it I anchor you to

 This world,

 As you dream beyond (you breathe softly)

 I cannot be there to fight for you,

 In your dreams.

I hold your hand

 So you may wake up to see the shadows gone,

 For now.

It does not make much sense.

AUTHOR: The Laughing Fool, on Jacob's death