Concrete Lists

Paranoic Concrete writers have been working hard to bring you this set of lists. Working endlessly, we produce the top quality that you can expect from a bunch of bozos let loose with an http server. The finest in Cocktail Party Information, and oddest of facts .
  1. Coyote sings out the new year with the Concrete 1995 Alpahabet Song
  2. Cthulu presents the oddest way to get get high the 250 Natural Highs including Dianetics, Boffing, Rolfing and much much more.
  3. Zinnia Rock describes a list of 300 phobias
  4. Not really sure, but it looks pretty dumb
  5. The all new 100 ways to confuse your roommate
  6. A summary of what's "Too Fascist For Me!"
  7. The Laughing Fool's Hacker Eating Habits