Never taste your eyeball

One fine day in 7ville, a small planet came out to play

but he found, to his dismay

all the other planets had gone away

so he chewed on a piece of raw damnation

and stomped away in indignation

and died from radiation

so he cooked himself in a big fat oven

cause he couldn't find any lovin'

because he was the ugliest planet you've ever seen

his entire population was bitter and mean

they had a nuclear war in the middle of his spleen

it looked quite keen

but it burned so bright

like a firelight

and the whole planet turned to night

just a giant cleansing, not even a fight

and the people all died

their bodies fried

their souls all went to the other side

the animals all tried

to hide

but the fire came and boiled them out

it boiled their ears, it boiled their snout

they cried but no one heard them cry

cause the people all had to die

and no one knew quite why

they just knew it was their time to go

like we've been here far too long you know

and so

and so

and so

we go

and welcome to the song

you can play it right along

on your acoustic guitar

don't matter who you are

just play the requiem for suicide

and welcome to the song from the inside

we've built our world as high as we could

but it ain't no good

we've looked for our purpose but never found

so we gotta burn it to the ground

and I'll shoot you if you walk on my mound

cause this here dirt is mine

you swine

i killed the creatures who once dwelled

their bodies in my hands I held

I laughed because I won and their carcasses smelled

so I buried them under my pile of dirt

but if you try to see them you'll get hurt

here I am with my shotgun

not just one

but two barrels of fun

I'll shoot you twice and if I miss

I'll beat you with the barrel and then I'll piss

on your dead corpse and then i think

I'll put you with the animals where you all can stink

but I can't kill you first

the bombs underneath my dirt will burst

and even though we'll both be dead

you won't get my pile of dirt.

AUTHOR: Livewire