Other Things

Yes, Things that Concrete just couldn't live without, but aren't quite sure what to call.
  1. Short ditty on the subject of Camel philosophy
  2. You need to drink more J0LT cola!
  3. The Mr. Ed conspiracy, with audio proof
  4. Cthulu describes the world if everyone was telepathic
  5. Coyote describes what the world would really be like if everyone was telepathic
  6. Something not quite understood by this editor An odd message
  7. The Canadian Charter o' Rights and Freedoms.
  8. The Unabomber's Manifesto which is 200k. Ow.
  9. A message from Mister Slash
  10. Coming soon boys and girls from Concrete

Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul McGann, The Eigth Regeneration for Doctor Who