Yea, words on phosphor made of light,
Meaning carried however slight.
Wish I would wish you read them now,
In their words in meaning found.

Concrete presents the following poetry for your browsing pleasure:

  1. Coyote presents Beemer or 'My Red Baloon'
  2. The Laughing Fool presents a short bitter poem: Bitch!
  3. Meija presents Bye_vvv
  4. Coyote presents the Doctor Strange Theme Song
  5. The Laughing Fool presents English Class Without Class
  6. Coyote presents Insanicon
  7. Coyote presents Dealophile
  8. Coyote presents a truly beautiful piece de macabre The Machine In The Garden
  9. Livewire presents the warning Never Taste Your Eyeball
  10. Livewire presents the heart-rendering, I mean rending, Pooky My Dot Matrix Printer
  11. Somebody In A Shoe presents Pork
  12. Somebody In A Shoe presents Spank Me 'Cause I'm Krazy a story which has nothing to do with spanking or being Krazy at all.
  13. The Laughing Fool presents The Urban Prayer and Mu, soon to be performance art.
  14. The Laughing Fool presents A poem about Cousin Jacob dying
  15. The Laughing Fool presents The Bus Poem
  16. The Laughing Fool presents Digitally Dead (1994)
  17. The Laughing Fool on Distraction during math tests.
  18. The Laughing Fool on American carmania, in Autognomic