Concrete Says: Read Our Prose

And we mean it.

And Yea, Welcome to our humbled, I mean jumbled, effort to scrawl prose. You may say:

"Who let these losers loose with a crayon, never mind the HTML server?"

 But if you say that, then you've probably not read these wonderful works:

  1. Cthulu reporting from Andorra
  2. Livewire presents the short narrative Blam!
  3. Coyote and Doctor Strange present The Benefits of A Lack-Of-Sleep-Induced Caffeine High
  4. Livewire presents Yo No Tengo Cerebros
  5. Cthulu presents Edgar Allen Tarantino's Last Scene Of The Tell Tale Heart
  6. The old House of Concrete a story written by all the members of Concrete introducing their handles.
  7. Coyote presents Eeny Meeny Einy Steiny, a stab at history's greatest physicist (after Planck!) and patent clerk.
  8. Livewire presents "I Can Taste With My Feet"
  9. Coyote presents a short film Caf Or Decaf
  10. Dr. Strange presents My Fingers Are Falling Off in which we find out many amusing facts about the Doctor.
  11. Coyote's really "wow huge" kind of fairy tale with Grendel in it, and the brothers Grimm.
  12. Livewire presents Gronk
  13. Coyote presents Instruction Manual For The Planet Earth
  14. Livewire presents Luminescent Liverspots on my Kneecap which nobody can decode.
  15. Concrete steals No Skin Like Nu-SKin from Craig I. Menzies
  16. Paul Atreides records his experience at an actual sacrifice
  17. The Laughing Fool presents the introduction to the Sniffy The Rat Papers on the exploits of local courier legend Sniffy the Rat.
  18. Coyote describes "How I Will Take Over The World"
  19. Livewire presents The. The Movie.
  20. Coyote presents Uncle Sam Has A Hyperbolic Device Up My Nose