+ spank me 'cause i'm krazy

"my brain just up and walked out on me

the other day" said quentin as he lie

in his hospital bed. "it's not that i

have gone krazy or anything, i just...

well.. i don't know, it's hard to explain,

leave me alone now, i want my much

needed sleep" the man sat by the bed

of quentin very confused, he didn't come

to ask why he was in the hospital he only

wanted to see is he would like to

buy a new set of ginsu steak knives,

as he usually did, every friday morning

before heading down to slum side of town

to buy his drugs and to have a romp

with the local flea infested prostitues.

but this friday morning was different

not because he has so utterly confused by

the words of quentin and hung over

from the previous night but because he

was still on some really bad drugs.

"maybe it's me thats going krazy" thought

the ginsu knife salesman "maybe i

have done far too many really bad drugs

and my brain is shutting down, but

well i guess i'll never know, oh well"

and the salesman packed up his knives

and got into his car and drove to the

slums and bought his drugs and had sex

with his favorate prostitutes, three

or four times because he had sold 10

knife sets that day. his life didn't change....

he later died of a drug overdose.

the end