Urban Prayer I

Dear Lord,

Forgive us our momentary inelegances,

And forgive our urban paradise

Ignored so easily by our created suffering.

Dear Lord,

Forget us not when we lie to ourselves,

To protect you from reality

And clear our consciences with democratic blame.

Dear Lord,

Forgive our lack of sin in the name of fairness,

And the sacrifices made to you at its altar.

Dear Lord,

Absolve us of these without true belief in You,

Cleanse us by petition,

And may we exist in the glory of your sin,


- Urban Prayer


Almighty God,

Listen weakly as we destroy you,

And take heed of our faith in Us,

As You fade.

We take now,

Your rich and indivisible power

From your rich and invisible hands,

And place it in those of the slothful.

For now is the time of returned Greyness,

The return to that from that which Black

And White came.

Chaos returned.

And Yea! No Eden will be born

From Greyness,

Although that is what Eden hath been.

For Eden needs Your likes.

Gone You shall be,

Lost in our library halls,

Texts and histories,

Your curse of Good and Evil which it required


We feel no sorrow,

Oh lowly Lord,

On your passing.

For Love cannot exist without Hate.

We have discovered that the difference betwixt the two

Is the Sin you never taught.

As Your love,

And your created devil's Hate

Taught us by accident.

Good riddance Lord.

We will create our momentary sins as you so often did.

For Mine is the Kingdom

The Power

And the Glory

I am.