(1) introdookshun - by spoon (otnooishphoo)

          Well, it has been over 5 years since the first issue
        of Spoon was written.  So long in fact, that I cannot even
        find the old issue.  GOD DAMN!  But in the interest of
        stupidity, and good old fucking moronics.  I am going to
        do one more issue.  Now, if anyone out there in modem land
        knows where I can find a copy of Spoon 0, please let me know.
        I WANT IT.  NOW!

          Anywayz..  in this issue we will feature really old
        articles, that were going to be put into the second issue
        way back in 1993.  But that never happened.  So, we will
        also be featuring some new things, which I have stolen from
        local networks in the 604.  FUCK YOU WHINERS.